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Shingle Roofs

Replacing a new roof is something most homeowners do only a few times in their lives. Do it right, and you will add decades of beauty, comfort, and energy efficiency to your home. When installed properly, the average asphalt shingle roof in Northern Illinois can last between 18-25 years. When evaluating whether a new roof is needed, we will guide you based on several critical factors. We’ll come to your home, at no charge, and do a thorough inspection of your roof to answer the following key questions:

  • What shingle is most appropriate for your home's style and design?

  • Is your roofline a gable (A-line) or a hip style?

  • Is your current ventilation adequate? Would you benefit from additional roof vents or a ridge vent?

  • Are vents and penetrations well sealed? 

Choosing the right roofing contractor is a big decision and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly.  Materials, workmanship and integrity matter! We include architectural shingles in our standard proposal at no additional cost to our customers. Compared to the more economical 3-Tab Shingles, Architectural shingles are superior due to their three dimensional design which offers stronger protection and a longer lifespan while also being more aesthetically pleasing.  We only use the finest Ice and Water Shield along your gutter edge (up 6 feet) as well as in valleys and all other penetrations. We also evaluate the condition of your plywood deck to ensure the structure is strong and free of any rot.


We’ve installed thousands of roofs for highly satisfied customers throughout Arlington Heights and the surrounding suburbs for over 30 years.  We’re proud to say the majority of our business growth came through customer referrals. We’ve become one of the highest rated local residential roofing contractors across all platforms, and our team at Hefferan Roofing would be honored to assist you with your shingle roof replacement project.


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